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Day of Mt. Moiwa

May 31

May 31 (Fri.) is the Mt. Moiwa Day since the elevation of Mt. Moiwa is 531m. There will be concerts and events on that weekend. Mt. Moiwa is one of the closest mountains from the center of the city and has a beautiful night view. Take the ropeway to the top of the mountain or hike up.

Fee: ropeway and cable car ¥2,100 for age 13 and over, ¥1,050 for age 12 and under. Free for two pre-schoolers with a guardian. Hours: 10:30 a.m‒10 p.m. Access: free shuttle bus from Ropeway Iriguchi streetcar stop (Minami 19, Nishi 15) to the ropeway station. lInfo: Mt. Moiwa Ropeway, Tel.561-8177


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