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Sapporo Lilac Festival

May 15-19, May 25 and 26

Enjoy pleasant sunshine and the fragrance of lilacs. The 2024 Sapporo Lilac Festival (66th) will be held at Odori Park and Kawashimo Park. It is the event that has been familiar with Sapporo residents for a long time. Here are recommendations for each of these sites.

Odori site (Chuo-ku, Odori Park 5, 6 and 7-chome): the exhibition and sales of lilac are available at a booth at Odori 5-chome. Enjoy Hokkaido cuisine and live music at 6-chome. At 7-chome, more than 200 kinds of wines from Hokkaido wineries can be enjoyed.

Date: May 15 (Wed.) to 19 (Sun.) at 5-chome and to May 26 (Sun.) at 6 and 7-chome.

Kawashimo site (Shiroishi-ku, Kawashimo 2651-3-gai): join a guided tour and deepen your knowledge of lilacs. A concert will be held at a special stage. Date: May 25 (Sat.) and 26 (Sun.). Access: take Chuo Bus #24 from Shiroishi Subway Sta. (Tozai Line) to the Kawashimo Koen-mae bus stop. 

Info: Sapporo Lilac Matsuri Jikko-iinkai, Tel.281-6400


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